Why you should start a blog right now: and no, it ain’t for money

I’m going to give you another hint. Ready? If you got into blogging for the sole purpose of making money, you’re in the wrong business. It will likely take you years to see any money coming in, and that’s if you stick with it for that long. There is the exception, sure, but for the most part bloggers are broke.

Are you still reading? Good because there is a plus side to this.

So, what is the purpose of starting a blog then? Chances are pretty good that you know something that other people don’t know. Here’s an idea of something that I know, and it is a topic on one of my other blogs that is currently in the infant stages–survival. If you don’t know, I am a former Marine who grew up in the middle of the woods with a father who loved to take me hunting and taught me how to track and survive off the land. On a side note, I’ve always called my dad Grizzly Adams, or sometimes just Griz for short. The man wanted to wear camouflage to my wedding, after all.

Anyway, we are currently in the beginning stages of a homestead on our small 1.25 acre parcel of land.

I’m sharing that with people. Why? Because I’m considered to be an expert in this area. If I were dropped in the  middle of nowhere with nothing, I could survive for as long as I had to. You know why I started that survival blog? Because I see a need. People look around at what is going on in the world, and they are scared. An alarming number of people think that they will witness some sort of catastrophic event in their lifetime.

A majority of them also think that they are under-prepared for a cataclysmic event.

And they are right.

You know what my goal is? To help them be prepared for such an event. I teach them all of the basics of survival for no cost. Free for them. Could I charge them? Yeah, I suppose I could. And I don’t rule out the possibility of offering them a book or some sort of membership site where they can interact with each other, myself  and share what they know. But, the main point is that I give them what they need to survive for free.

Why do I do this? Because it is the right thing to do. That is the heart and soul of business blogging. Your goal should never be to make money. It should be to help people in some way. Here ya go, everyone has a need of some kind. Your job is to fill that need, and help them out.

Guess what? If you do this, freely, without the expectation of receiving anything in return, people will eventually buy from you. You will begin to earn a steady paycheck. I re-iterate: The biggest mistake that people make, from what I can see, is that they go into blogging to get a payday.

Wrong idea. Your readers can tell when you’re just out to make a few bucks, as opposed to pouring your heart and soul into something to help them out. Seriously.

Go into blogging to help people learn what they want to learn about. If you’re in business, starting a blog should be used as a way to get yourself to stand out from the competition. You know how? By giving away free information about what you’re an expert in.

It’s funny, I wrote this post yesterday, and decided to edit it today. Today on the Copyblogger site, Henneke wrote a post about the 11 common blogging mistakes that are wasting your audience’s time. It doesn’t touch on my topic, but it is an excellent post, so I’m going to share it with you here.

Click on that link, read the content and then chew on it. Those are all excellent points. When you’re done, bookmark their website. It is a wealth of information.

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