SEO Tactics and strategies for any business blog: What you need to do today

The world is in constant motion. Every single day, stuff changes. That’s a given. One thing that is also always on the move, is how to optimize your business blog for SEO. If you don’t already know, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. What is it? Well, the small answer is that it is how you design your blog by utilizing certain keywords and phrases to help the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and the like) find you on the net.

SEO tactics and strategies seemingly always change. Google releases new algorithms or search criteria on a regular basis. This causes some people to try and trick the system, by using what is called black hat SEO. This is a big mistake, because the Big G will find your site, with your black hat SEO, and send you to the last page. If this happens you can kiss your blog good bye, because the other search engines don’t send the same amount of traffic that Google does. That’s a fact.

Page Rank is the devil, or at least a close relative

So what’s a blogger to do? Here’s a hint, and please don’t take this the wrong way–or, do take it the wrong way: try to not think about your page rank. If you start to focus on your page rank and nothing else, your work will show it. You know why? Because when the only thing on your mind is how well you’re doing, all you are really showing is that you want to make more money. Let’s be honest here.

Don’t get me wrong, page rank is an important metric. And usually, though not always, the higher the page rank, the more visitors the site has. But, try to not worry about it. When you start to focus on other things (which we’ll get to in a minute) you begin to see the bigger picture.

So what are the proper SEO tactics and strategies?

I’ve said this in other posts, so if you’re a regular reader of the Content Medic, this should be no surprise to you. What you need to do for your SEO tactics and strategies, is to just sit down and write. Sure, you want to have some keywords and phrases in there, but the biggest thing is to sit down and write.

Give people your knowledge without any cost to them. Don’t hold anything back. People will trust you, Google will see your high quality content delivered in a clear and concise manner, and will automatically rank you higher. This will cause more people to link up to you and share your content.

So again, I say to you: do not worry about your page rank. It will come. I’m not worried about mine, why would you worry? Do I check it? Of course. I don’t obsess over it though. It isn’t something that changes overnight, unless you cheat.


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