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This is a good example of work that I do for people that takes place on a regular basis. I post a specific amount of blogs for them each month, handle social media outlets and forums. And, in return, I get paid a set amount of money each month for the work completed. My clients are happy with this because I guarantee a certain amount of work to get done. And they have peace of mind that I’ll be posting Facebook updates on their behalf to engage their audiences. ¬†All around, this is by far my favorite way of helping people with their content strategy. It streamlines the process, and I find that when too many people are involved it can have a negative impact on the blog’s performance.

This is also another great example of work I’ve done that hasn’t been edited by anyone else. All of the ideas and content are my own. If you want to read the rest of this article, or to read the many others on this website, click here.


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